My goal is to create public artworks that capture the core emotion or essence of a given place. This is often achieved while working within the site's historical context. To create work that will challenge the viewer with alternative views, educating the audience with a fresh look into the meaning of the host site, is of paramount importance to me.

Once nominated by a committee, my approach to realizing this goal is to begin a period of site research. After concluding research I often begin a process of writing. Creating a narrative helps me to distil the project to its essence. It's only then that I begin designing. Rough sketches start the process of illustrating the site's story. Quickly after realizing the concept on paper I move to three dimensional scale models and eventually to Solid Works and CAD drawings. Though my work is abstract in nature, all of the forms you see in my portfolio are a direct reaction to my research of each particular site.

It's important to me that the palette of materials I choose to work with are all but impervious to the elements. I create artworks that are made from various types of stone, colored and stainless steel and carved graphics. These materials exude a palette of soft color and texture that are inherent within the materials themselves. Additionally, when minimalist form is combined with strong anecdotal imagery we end up with works of art that exude a powerful simplicity that transcends the passing of time.

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