Benevolent Foundation
South City Park - Denver, Colorado

The sculpture “Benevolent Foundation” was created to illustrate the transformation and growth that has happened at the former site of Denver's Mercy Hospital. While paying homage to its benevolent origins as a healing institution, the sculpture represents the architectural emergence of a new community.

To honor the foundation, or the origin of the site, I wanted to evoke Mercy Hospital’s mission of healing. This is illustrated by a horizontal slab of white Yule Marble that hovers slightly off the ground. The top of this element is carved to resemble a rolling wave to portray the feeling of fluidity. This has been surrounded by a ring of decorative grasses. The grass will help to make the undulating marble element look as if it is floating. It was my intent to use this seemingly fluid form as a metaphor for healing.

To illustrate the metamorphous of the site (the creation of a new high density living center) I created a tower of blocked Dolomitic Limestone that emerges from within the center of the marble. This element looks as if it has sprouted from within the original site. It also grows in width as it ascends to signify growth. With a nod to architecture, the look of the stacked, block tower refers to the formation of community.

Materials and Dimensions:
Yule Marble - Dolomite - Steel
5' x 5' x 14' tall

Commissioning Agency:
Denver Urban Renewal Agency


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