Colorado State Mental Health Facility - Pueblo, Colorado

Placed within an interior courtyard at Colorado's new Mental Health Center, my intent with Dawn was to create a visual gesture of hope. Once again I have used the act of the Sun rising over the Eastern horizon as metaphorical inspiration. This piece is to serve as a reminder that there are constants in our lives and that each and every day we have the opportunity for hope and for a new beginning.

To illustrate this concept I have created a sculpture using one large, carved disc of marble. The white, Colorado Yule marble metaphorically represents the emerging light of dawn as this material exhibits a soft glow when the sun hits it. Looking as if it is a little more than halfway up from the horizon, the disc contains an area of negative space at its center. The interior of the negative is covered with a heavily carved texture. The texture creeps onto the surface of the sculpture as well and is meant to portray the energy that comes from within the Sun. It was my desire to create a sculpture within this setting that exudes a powerful sense of healing and one that will be looked upon as a timeless work of tactile, as well as visual art.

Materials and Dimensions:
White, Yule Marble
2' x 9' x 5.5' tall

Commissioning Agency:
Colorado Mental Health Center via Colorado Council on the Arts


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