Birth of the NFL
Bow Building - Canton, Ohio

Birth of the NFL is a work of public art that is meant to commemorate the founding of the National Football League. In 1920 the League was formed inside a Hupmobile dealership in Canton, Ohio that was owned by Canton Bulldogs owner Ralph Hayes. This project represents that event by using a spheroid form as a metaphor for a seed pod, and the NFL letter composition as the nucleus within. The stainless steel spheroid and glass letter composition are perched atop an 11’ tall pedestal of pre-rusted steel I-beams. This is meant to honor the steel industry of Canton as well as displaying the names of the 10 original teams of the league.

Materials and Dimensions:
Stainless Steel – Pre-Rusted Steel I-Beams – Dichroic Glass
23’ x 11’ x 8’

Commissioning Agency:
Pro Football Hall of Fame and ArtsinStark


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