Natural Balance
Great Lawn Park - Denver, Colorado

My approach to public work is to forge metaphor and form from the particular parameters that are indicative of a given site. Given that Great Lawn Park is encompassed within the greater Lowry residential complex, I feel that the essence of this site is about the balance between man and nature.

To illustrate this concept I have created a tall, broad sculpture made from stone, stainless steel and copper. Sitting atop a tall stele of soft blue Dolamitic limestone (approximately 14’ tall) is a series of three steel cross rods. Hanging from one end of the stainless steel rods is a series of downward facing, cupped copper elements. These allude to a series of small roofs and will serve as a metaphor for the shelters, or homes within the Lowry community. Perched upon the other ends of the rods is a similar series of cupped copper elements. On this side they are turned upward. These allude to a cluster of nests and serve as metaphors for housing, or shelters within the natural world.

With both groupings of cupped elements serving as metaphors for shelter and community, but being perched at opposite ends of the balance rods, it is my hope to convey a message of balance whenever we encroach upon nature to create our own communities.

Materials and Dimensions:
Limestone Stainless Steel-Copper
5' x 16' x 14' tall

Commissioning Agency:
Lowry Development Agency


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