Unified Will
Fire Station #6 - Fremont, California

My intent for Station #6 was to create a symbol for the fire department’s mission of volunteerism and selfless valor that is illustrated through a timeless work of contemporary art. This work speaks to the idea of individual volunteers coming in from all directions to form one cohesive professional unit.

I have realized the goals for this project by carving an eight foot diameter disc of limestone. The outer edges of the disc are carved to look as if the sculpture is made from roughly 75 segments. This is meant to honor the number of years this particular department utilized the service of volunteer firefighters. The segments taper in toward the center of the sculpture to signify that the volunteers came from every direction to reach the firehouse during an emergency. At the center of the artwork the stone flares outward toward the front and the back of the piece where it forms the outside borders of a negative space. The negative space in the center of the sculpture forms the silhouette of an abstracted Maltese cross. I view this as the core, or the soul of this project given the Maltese Cross’s history as the badge of honor and symbol of protection worn by all firemen.

Materials and Dimensions:
2' x 8' x 9' tall

Commissioning Agency:
Fire Station #6 through the City of Fremont's Public Art Program


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